Paleoecology Section of the Ecological Society of America

Literature Survey


Note: The survey is now closed and off-line (Nov 2004)

What is this?

Paleoecology is the study of past ecosystems and environments. Paleoecologists usually use records of past environments contained in sediment, soil, tree-rings, historical accounts, and in the geographic variation in genealogical lineages (phylogeography). Paleoecology interfaces broadly with many disciplines, including community ecology, biogeography, ecosystem science, and evolutionary ecology.
This is a survey of influential literature in the broad field of paleoecology. The current list of references is available to anyone who makes a submission. The sum of the contributions will demonstrate the main research directions in paleoecology today, as well as the main areas where paleoecology influences "neoecology." This survey will be one catalyst for discussions at an Evening Session on "The Future of Paleoecology" at the 2003 ESA Annual Meeting.

What should I enter?

If your research or teaching is influenced in any way by work with a paleoecological focus, please submit references to this survey. Please note that appropriate references are those that influence your work. Submitting your entire vita would not be in the spirit of the survey. Of special interest are paleoecology studies that use novel approaches to examine current issues in ecology and evolution. Submit as many references as you wish. Submissions are anonymous. In return for your participation, you may download the current survey as either a formatted list or import it into EndNote software.

How do I submit references?

Use the links on the title bar above to go to separate pages for submitting references for journal articles, books, or sections of books. Annotations and a summary of the abstract are helpful.

How do I import the current survey into EndNote?

First, submit your reference(s), then use the link to save the EndNote export file (a text file).
Second, use this EndNote filter to import references. Windows: [UI_Import.enf] Macintosh Binhex [UI_Import.enf.hqx] This filter is nearly identical to the ISI Web of Science export format, but includes support for books and book sections. (Right click and save the filter to your disk. Then choose the filter when importing references. This filter was only tested with EndNote 3.1.3 on a Macintosh. If it does not work with your version of EndNote, please contact me.)


Comments and requests to retract submissions should be directed to Dan Gavin (
This survey was created by David Zeiders, University of Illinois, with funding from a Long-Range Planning Grant from the Ecological Society of America to the Paleoecology Section. Copies of the scripts that run the survey are available to ESA members.

update June 17, 2003